Top Mandela and anti-apartheid songs by Nigerian Artistes

Nelson Mandela Credit: Inc. magazine

The world recently celebrated International Nelson Mandela Day to commemorate his struggle against and eventual dismantling of the Apartheid regime in South Africa and other repressive regimes around Africa. Mandela day is highly symbolic and represents a rallying point for all liberation movements for freedom, justice and good governance in Africa and around the world. Nelson Mandela spent close to three decades in jail in the course of the liberation struggle. At the collapse of the Apartheid regime in South Africa, Nelson Mandela befittingly became the first black president of the rainbow country.

Complementing the support that the Nigerian Government which was a major source of support for the Anti Apartheid struggle, Nigerian musicians rose to the occasion and played a major role in the struggle. In this review as part of our duty in to document history, some of these contributions in form of songs are being listed in no particular order for your reading and viewing pleasure.

  1. Fire In Soweto – Sony Okosun
  3. Now or never- Sony Okosun
  5. Kill Aparthied- Ras Kimono
  7. Free Mandela- Majek Fashek
  9. Free Nelson Mandela- Alpha Kuffa
  10. Aparthied- Mandators
  12. Mandela- Felix Lebarty
  14. Holy War- Sony Okosun


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