Introducing Gabriel ‘Breeze’ Ashibi and my credentials in Nigerian music history


It took a whopping 15 years of recording songs for an album to get to the point of releasing the album. Quite unusual, but sometimes things don’t always turn out the way you plan. So today we are promoting a Single ‘Caro’ by  Gabriel Ashibi a.k.a Breeze a.k.a Paparazi. The two version Single was recorded way back in 2007 or at most 2009 under my record Label EthnikHouse Entertainment. The full album was equally ready. Due to certain circumstances the album contract, missing tapes and other technical reasons, I became the only audience of the songs for many years. At some point ,I couldn’t find the file of the songs on my computer. Breeze also has no copy. Running a Label has always been a fantasy business for me when I read about Berry Gordy of Mowtown, Dick Giffrey of Solar and coming down to Nigeria I don’t know how many people realise how much late chief Haruna Isola contributed to the Nigerian music Industry with his Ijebu Igbo based Phonodisck Records, just one example will suffice in Kris Okotie. or Cheif GAD Tabansi of Tabansi Records. I look forward to being like them, But, running a label is not cooking beans. 

Well, we have released the Sigle on Audiomack but will follow up with the album which should be on almost every digital store soon. Yes, the music has changed because Breeze came in the Afro Hip Hop era, but then that was the beginning of the renaissance until we landed at Afrobeats. 

This episode of the podcast is just to introduce the artiste Breeze, who has been doing his thing since then and the Single which is in the public space for the first time and also to flaunt my little credentials in Nigerian Music History. 



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