The Strangers of Owerri were really no strangers in Nigerian music history

The Strangers Nobody called me single


Years Active: Late 60’s – Early 70’s

Members: Bob Miga, Felix Umeoffia, Eddy Duke, Gab Ozani, Ani Hofnar Umebuani, Geoffrey Imadhebo, Joe Arukwe, Joni Haastrup, Samuel Ifeanyi, Samuel Mathews, Tammy Evans and Timmy Nebuwa

The Strangers were one of the early funk rock bands of post-civil war Nigeria and had a significant impact in the Eastern part of the country in the late 60s and 70s. The Owerri-based band was founded by late organist Valentine Soroibe Bob Agim, more popularly known as Bob Miga.

Miga was with the Hykkers, a Lagos-based military-affiliated band that toured the South East States. It was time to return to base in Lagos, but Miga preferred the band to remain in Owerri where the band had already established a strong fan base and convinced the Military top brass to that effect. While other Hykkers members returned to Lagos, Miga remained in Owerri and regrouped with new band members to form the Strangers of Owerri. The band also had Joni Haastrup in its lineup who later formed the Lagos band Mono Mono .

On the band’s disbandment in the late ’70s, Bob Miga relocated to London until his death in 2014, Some band members had moved on to form One World Band.

The Strangers scored a few hits including

‘Nobody Called Me’ 1972 HMV Records

‘Love Rock’(Single) 1972 HMV Records

‘Survival’  HMV single.


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