One World Band, the elitist band from Nigeria's Afrofunk music era Music in my ears: The Nigerian music history stories

One World band was an offshoot of Bob Miga-led Strangers of Owerri. It is not entirely clear what led to about five members of the Strangers leaving the band to form One World, but the split proved to be the end of the Owerri-based Strangers. The Ani Hofner-led One World band grew to become a fan-favourite band churning out a somewhat mellow funk compared to other bands of that era. One World's discography includes five albums released between 1975 and 1978. Two of the albums were released in 1978 including the reggae album Mama and Papa, a clear departure from their mellow rock sounds. One World was also regarded as an elitist band which appealed to the upper class of society.
  1. One World Band, the elitist band from Nigeria's Afrofunk music era
  2. The Headies and Timeless Album by Breeze
  3. The Strangers of Owerri were really no strangers in Nigerian music history
  4. Introducing Gabriel 'Breeze' Ashibi and my credentials in Nigerian music history
  5. Presenting the story of The Doves Band
  • Timeless by Gabriel Ashibi: The full album.

    Timeless by Gabriel Ashibi: The full album.

    The album Timeless by Gabriel Ashibi has been released in digital stores worldwide and on Ethnikhouse Entertainment Label. It is quite an interesting work because the recording was done about 15 years ago but could not be released for several reasons including the loss of some of the files until recently and other technical reasons.…More

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  • The Strangers of Owerri were not really Strangers in Nigerian music history

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